Photos from Stephen and Jeanne Fairman's
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Vince Sa; a long
time member and
supporter of the
Show.  His Bronze
Mosaic Hen won 1st
Place in the Classic
Melanin Division and
went on to win 2nd
Overall Best-In-Show.
Naomi Cisper;
her Satinette
Canary won 1st
Place in the New
Color Division and
went on to win 5th
David Benites  
Colorbred Judge
for 2011
David Benites with Naomi
and her winning bird.
David Perez
stewarding the
Jane Perez and
Jeanne Fairman
Judge assistants for
the Colorbreds
Photos of the 2011 Show/Mart
Photos from Richard Samson's Camera
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Photos from Darrell Brewer's Camera
Busily  setting up the Bird
Mart Area
Bird sales discussions
during the day
Judge Jim Pickel looking
over some Type II
Darrell Brewer and Laura
Watkins discussing the
Darrell Brewer and Laura
Photos from Jimmy and Terese's Camera
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Photos of the Evening banquet, held at Mancini Hall this year.
Pickel with winning  
type II Judgeentries
Photos of some of the winning birds at our 2011 Show
Jim Archibeque was our caterer and he did a very tasty BBQ dinner.  
Sharon Byrne
Collecting entry forms
at the rear Door
before 9:00 AM
Joel and Janna
smiling  smiling
after setting up the
raffle table
Angel Rodriguez
wandering around at
the Bird Mart selling
working on the Silent
Sherry and Sharon
moved to the front
welcome guests to the
Jennifer Hayes at
the Raffle table
conversation with
Janna and Joel Place
placed on the Raffle
Janna Place and Bird
More winning birds
Judge David Benites
showing off some of
the winning birds
Still more winners
Winning Birds
Another view of the
Mart and Show area
Secretary Brian
Show Manager
Darrell Brewer
checking out things at
the show.
Bird Mart area on the
Left, The Lunch area
judging area on the
Three more winners
View of the first stage
Ted Brandvold of
the stage