Sharon, Sherry and Terese at the front desk
Overlooking the bird mart area
Overlooking the Bird mart and part of the judging area
Finch Judge Brian Mandarich checking out some possable winners
Canary judges busy doing their thing while anxious breeders await the results.  Mary Anne at her desk,
keeping things going smoothly.
Three of the viewing and judging areasareas
View of the Mart area through some of the cages that were offered.
Jennifer and Deanna on the left.  Janna and Joel on the right. They are looking after the raffle goodies.
Brian Mandarich judging Finches in the background. John Asterino (Green Shirt), checking out his Canaries
waiting to be judged.
Deborah Eaton Judging Type I and II Canaries. Henry Vela ( Center) judging Colorbred Canaries
Trophies awaiting distribution to the winners
Neven Batinic Finch winner with Judge Brian Mandarich.
Show Manager, Darrell Brewer, checking the area out.
Darrell, Lisa and Brian with their winning bird
One of Darrell's  Division Scarecrows.
Brian stepping back a little to give the finches a final look
Maryanne Buckles relaxing a little after the judging was over
Bill  and Ted keeping track of the judging.  Deborah is busy judging, trying to find that one special bird.
Lori Lister of Birds in Paradise and James  Drenon of A to Z Birds making another sale.
Shoppers everywhere  all day long
Full Parking lot this year
Judge Henry Vela looking for the best bird, while Maryanne Buckles keeps the records in order
Left to right--- Bill Jackson, Darrell Brewer, Virginia King, Ted Brandold and Judge Deborah Eaton
A Busy Bird Mart
There were so many in attendance that you had to search for a
parking spot and that's a good thing.
CCCBC President Janna Place with her winning bird and the judge Brian Mandarich
Trophies given out by the club.  Built and painted by Darrell Brewer.
Shoppers scurrying around to the various Vendors trying to find the best deal
Division 7 scarecrow
Finch Winners
View of Deborah Eaton and Henry Vela Judging the Canaries
Ginger (Left Rear), keeping track, American Singer Judge Don Taylor ( Rear Center) With Jim Trado, one of
the winners,  
Bird mart, Lunch area and Finch judging areas are visable
Canary Winners
Finch winners
Winning Canaries
Photos from Darrell and Lisa Horst's Camera
Darrell Horst, Jim Carter,  Chryse Seeman and Judge Brian Mandarich posing with a winning finch
Darrell, Lisa Horst and Judge Brian Mandarich with the winning finch
At the CCCBC Evening Banquet 2010 Left to right---  Lisa Horst, Darrell Horst, Laura Watkins,
Janet Edmonds, Brian Mandarich
and Chryse Seeman, Trophy's are in the background
American Singer Judge, Don Taylor, posing with  Jim Trado, winner was Frank Zuech from Colorado 2nd &
3rd place
Darrell Horst, and  Bryan Chin (rt) our ace registration and class organizer.  He's the  
one keeping the A.S. Division running smoothly.
Nop Ouitayakul and Ron Moy assisted with stewarding at the American Singer Show in Modesto
2010 SHOW and Mart Photos
A collection of photos taken
at the CCCBC Annual bird
show and bird mart in
Modesto at the SOS Club